The Mission


Freedom Drum Circles
Greater Los Angeles Area / Nothern California Bay Area / Southern California Bay Area / International

  • Building community spirit for people of all backgrounds, all ages, skill levels and abilities.
  • Invigorating and igniting the natural passion for life through rhythm. Create a safe environment for participants to feel the flow and connection with others one drumbeat at a time.
  • To build trust and tolerance and support within the hearts of others through a memorable interactive and inclusive rhythmical experiences.
  • Facilitate a community that drums together and that thrives together.


Facilitated Drum Circles are not subject to criticism or negative opinion thus allowing a medium for social connection that is interactive, inclusive, safe and transformational. Our vision is:

  • To continue to empower communities through the rhythm arts.
  • Continue to raise awesomeness of the transformational benefits of group drumming and how it can enhance people’s lives.
  • Help others explore and discover the natural rhythmical abilities within.
  • Continue to educate and create opportunities for people to through classes, performances, community events and weekly drum circles regardless of ability or challenge.
  • To Serve the community by providing quality and engaging rhythm event that are tailored to the needs of the client’s needs.

Burbank Drum Circles/REMO RMC

Weekly drumming programs
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